DIY School Supplies with Makeup

I stumbled across this DIY video while I was on Youtube and thought now this is so cool.  This is perfect for kids who want unique school supplies but of course this one probably is mostly for girls.  So after I watched the video I started looking around on this channel and I was so impressed with the amount of creativity.  KimspiredDIY is a channel that is great for kids and adults too.  I love how her videos are unique and easy to understand.  I watch a lot of DIY, Craft and Art videos on Youtube and some don’t always do a good job of explain and some don’t even talk but that’s besides the point.  This video that I’m talking about is a 10 DIY school supplies with makuep.  It’s so genius – a nail file highlighter, nail file pencil, makeup brush bookmark, nail polish glue and eraser, lip gloss glue, eyeliner pen, eyeshadow notebook and paper clip holder.  This is one of many great DIY videos on KimspiredDIY – she is one talented person.  I feel like her number of 600K subscribers should be a lot more.  I know that it takes a lot of time to create projects and film.  It is so fun to watch someone like this put their talents out there.  You don’t want to miss KimspiredDIY on Youtube!  Oh and here is the video:

Art Galleries Across The United States

The United States of America is home to many great art galleries.  Art galleries are a great way to relax – unwind and enjoy the beautiful art work of others.  I will show you some art places in the US that you might want to check out and take in the sights of the beautiful art.  All throughout the 50 states you are bound to find some of the best art galleries.

If you are in Minnesota you may want to check out Walker Art Center their mission is to focus on the performing,  visual, and media arts of our time.  Enjoy beautiful architecture and wonderful galleries.  Find exhibitions and events.

In Indiana you can find the Art Bank Gallery.  This is said to be one of the most respected & recognized art galleries in Indiana.  The building has great history and has over 30 artists on display.  If you have a wedding reception or business meeting consider renting out the space in the gallery to host your event.

These are just a few of the art galleries you can find throughout the US.  Of course, I only detailed 2 states but more to come in the future as art galleries are not only a way to spend a fun day with a significant other it is also a great place to take children to show and teach them about art.  Some galleries may be a little more sophisticated for children so you may want to search out art galleries suited for kids. I hope you enjoyed this small taste of some wonderful galleries in the US.  Stay tuned for more great features.